2018 Spring Course Pre-Selection


Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 17:04

Dear Students,

You are kindly invited to participate in the survey for 2018 Spring Course Pre-Selection.

Survey will be conducted online and you will receive the survey invitation link in your IUS e-mail address.

Please check your IUS Student e-mail address for the invitation link. 

You can find access information to your IUS e-mail address in  your Student Information System (UNIPA) account, under the messages section. If you still can not access to your IUS e-mail address please contact Mr. Enes Pivic at IUS IT Center.

If you have access to your IUS e-mail address but did not received the invitation link, please contact Mr. Osman GURSOY at ogursoy@ius.edu.ba with your Student ID and full name.

Please make a pre-selection of the courses you want to take in Spring Semester 2018 by participating in this online survey. 

In the survey, you may select up to 36 ECTS. This is a survey and not a final course registration! It will help us to make your registration easier. Your comments at the end of the survey will be useful for improving the registration process.

You can also find a drafted version of Weekly Schedule of Courses for the 2018 Spring Semester on the survey page to help you pre-select your courses accordingly. The schedule will be improved based on your suggestions.

The survey will be open from December 19-29, 2017.




  • English
  • Bosanski
  • Türkçe