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Art Exhibition of VACD Professors and Assistants

Art exhibition of VACD professors and assistants was opened on February 24th at the IUS Art Gallery. The exhibition presents recent works of the VACD professors and assistants: Associate Professor Dr. Meliha Teparić, Assistant Professor Abdulhamit Bolat, MA, Assistant Professor Muhammed Yasir Göz, MA, Assistant Professor Emir Hambo, MA, Assistant Professor Roman Sulejmanpašić, MFA, Assistant Professor Branko Vekić, MFA and Assistant Baysal Sümer.

Associate Professor, Dr. Ervin Kovačević, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences held a welcoming speech in which he pointed out the importance of self-reflection through art. He noted that it is a great privilege to work side by side with amazing artists and academic staff.

At the exhibition, visitors have a unique opportunity to look at the work of Assistant Professor Abdulhamit Bolat, MA created during a trip to Africa titled “Being a child in Africa”; an experimental film created by Assistant Professor Muhammed Yasir Göz, MA titled “25” about father-daughter relationship through the daughter’s subconscious created using “25th frame techniques”; posters on tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina created by Assistant Professor Emir Hambo, MA; calligraphic structures by Associate Professor Dr. Meliha Teparić created using three dimensionality through multilayered negative space; series of digital sculptures completed using 3D techniques by Assistant Professor Roman Sulejmanpašić, MFA; interesting illustrations “Superman” including a familiar Pop-artistic vibe and “Modules”, a character sheet concept for a tabletop game in progress created by Assistant Professor Branko Vekić, MFA and works of Assistant Baysal Sümer who created the visual identity of the VACD program.

We kindly invite everyone interested to visit the exhibition at the Art Gallery (B building). The exhibition will be on display until March 18, 2022.


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