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Mita Group Owner/CEO Ejub Kučuk Gives a Motivational Talk to VACD Students on Advertising Traits

The owner and CEO of Mita Group advertising agency, Mr. Ejub Kučuk held a very inspirational talk to VA316 Advertising course students as part of a series of guest lectures organized by the Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design study program.

The two-hour comprehensive lecture began with Mr. Kučuk's presentation of his own path to success that began 29 years ago in the midst of an aggression on BiH. The students learned that running a business in advertising is very difficult yet rewarding at the same time under the condition that you are committed to creativity, perseverance, hard work and life-long learning. Through a number of vivid personal stories, he portrayed to the audience the ups and downs of the trade.

The second part of the lecture was focused on hands-on presentation of the company’s portfolio underlining that their current business organization is focused on performance-based advertising through digital communication channels. Mr. Kučuk stressed that there is an ongoing need to continuously adapt the advertising strategies to increase marketing campaign efficiency. He presented the seven key steps of sales-oriented advertising indicating that each step requires a different tool in order to achieve positive sales results adding that although there are general advertising principles, each target group requires a different advertising approach.

The final part of the talk was reserved for a Q&A session where VACD students were very keen on participating. They posed numerous questions to the guest lecturer who used the opportunity once again to give them valuable pieces of advice for their careers.