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Bachelor Studies

Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design

Bachelor Studies

Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design

Bachelor Studies in VACD


The VACD program is an interdisciplinary studies program with a flexible curriculum that allows students to select their own courses of study within the disciplines of graphic design, film and television and new media studies. This structure facilitates specialization in a given field while enabling cross-track education, giving students an opportunity to be more versatile and successful in today’s professional world.


Founded in 2004, the program has rapidly bridged the fields of design and digital media focusing mainly on the international teaching approach – studio based practical learning experience. Students can continue their education in a MA studies program, (MA of Visual Arts and Communication Design).

Overview of the BA Program

Overview of the BA Program

The Bachelor of Arts in VACD at IUS is a four-year, eight-semester program of 240 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), broken down into about 30 ECTS per semester. 

Earning a Bachelor’s degree is one of the most important steps you can take towards increasing your earning potential and job opportunities.

VACD program provides an ideal setting in which students can engage in critical problem solving practices through research and application of the conventional teaching methods. By stressing the importance of projects and deadlines rather than traditional homework and tests we provide students with less repetitive and therefore, a more intellectual experience and better prepare them for their future career. The Visual Arts and Communication Design program strives to provide students with a unique and progressive environment in which they can excel in their ambition and creativity. The student body is comprised of artists working in graphic design, photography, painting, installation, performance, video and new media. The mission of the VACD program is to provide the students with an in-depth understanding of aesthetics and its application to the field of Visual Art and Visual Communication Design. 

However, our efforts go beyond the sole principle of understanding and application of the visual arts. Our aim is to bring about the integration of visual arts with other creative output such as sound design, new media output and temporally based works implemented through the diversified building blocks of the VACD curriculum. The aim of the study program is to prepare the students for active involvement in the creative industry by helping them create portfolios which showcase their work. All students will create their portfolios upon the completion of their studies at VACD.



Graduates of Visual arts and Communication Design are ready to build their careers as Graphic Designers, Freelancer (have a home studio or your own business), Video/Film Editor/Motion Effects Artist, in Marketing/advertising agency, Television stations, Magazines or a newspaper publishing house, Major retailer, Internet publishing, Post-production company, Film production company, Entertainment /Music industry.


Candidates who are citizens of foreign countries can submit preliminary application for admission before the official call is published by the University, so that they can obtain necessary residency permits and satisfy language requirements prior to the start of lectures at the University.

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