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First Bosnian Children's Illustrated Book about Diabetes – VACD Graduation Project by Lea Leleta

On February 1, 2022, a Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (VACD) student Lea Leleta defended her graduation project: an illustrated children’s book about diabetes “Lea i njen dijabetes”. The project was under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Roman Sulejmanpašić. The Graduation Project Committee members were Assistant Professor Emir Hambo and Assistant Professor Abdulhamit Bolat.

Due to the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina lacks materials for children suffering from diabetes, the author’s intention was to create an educational and entertaining illustrated book to help children diagnosed with diabetes understand better what is happening to them.  

As a young adult diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of two, Lea personally experienced what it means to be a child with such a condition. At the time, she lived in the Netherlands and after the initial diagnosis she was provided with books for children which helped her understand her condition better. These books were also very helpful to her parents because they learned how to help their daughter cope with the challenges.

After she returned to Sarajevo, during her regular medical check-ups, Lea met a lot of children with diabetes who did not really understand the condition. She helped them with her own experience and knowledge. Since she wanted to help more, Lea tried to find more information and material, but she could not find anything appropriate. And so, the idea of creating an illustrated book for children suffering with diabetes was born. The book was written in the first-person narration where the main character explains the condition in a simple language as well as the everyday situations she faces with.

Lea’s major goal is to have the book printed in several copies and distribute them to the medical staff at Jezero hospital or parents whose children have been diagnosed with diabetes. We hope that this marvelous and unique project will be recognized and receive full support it deserves. This book could help many families whose youngest ones struggle with this chronic condition.

IUS is proud of the fact that our students change lives and improve their communities with the knowledge they received at the University.   


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