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Infographics Lecture Presented to VACD students

On October, 26th, within Information Graphic Design course at Visual Arts and Communication Design study program (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), Assistant Professor Emir Hambo hosted a guest lecturer Mr. Emir Isović, Bosnian author of infographics.

His artwork includes maps of cities, countries or regions with illustrations of culture, heritage and customs of that place. Infographics apart from his maps include dissection of buildings, information about important events or simply an illustrated guide into how to make Bosnian coffee. His work has been featured in newspapers, magazines and educational books.

During the lecture, students had a chance to hear about the creative process behind Mr. Isović’s artwork, see how some of it is created in real time and then, based on what they have seen and heard, create their own illustrations on a smaller scale. 


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